After Slamming Fox for Hiring Sarah Sanders, CNN Jumps the Shark and Hires Disgraced FBI Official Andrew McCabe

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Yesterday, Tater and his hirsute minime excited each other into an orgasmic frenzy over former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders being hired by Fox News. Their tiny fists of fury were flailing about because you apparently allowed to have anyone who actually knows anything they are talking about on staff as a contributor according to CNN’s policy and having someone who does know what they’re talking about was perceived as being unfair. My colleague, Sister Toldjah, covered their righteous indignation.

All of this is pretty rich coming from a network that pushed the Russia Hoax for hundreds of hours and basically let Michael Avenatti live in their studio:

Apparently, there is no sense of irony–or shame–remaining at CNN because they’ve now announced the hiring of disgraced, fired former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

Just to review the bidding. McCabe was in open and notorious violation of the Hatch Act while serving as James Comey’s catchfart. He appeared in his wife’s campaign literature. His bio was included in her file when she was interviewed by the VA Democrat apparatus as a potential state senate candidate. He used his official FBI email to pimp his wife’s candidacy. He was at ground zero when the Steele dossier was passed off as something more that political pornography to justify a FISA warrant on Carter Page. He authorized leaks to the press about the Clinton investigation. He was central to the decision to whitewash the investigation of Hillary Clinton and he lied to IG investigators about his role in that decision. McCabe appears to have been a central figure in launching the Russia Hoax investigation as a way of damaging the incoming Trump administration.

With that kind of bio and personal ethics, McCabe will feel right at home at CNN.

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