Inside the August 26, 2019, Issue

It’s not as if every issue of NR isn’t important, but the cover essay of the August 26, 2019, edition — “Don’t Legalize Prostitution,” by Madeleine Kearns — is quite powerful: It’s a comprehensive look at the making-it-worse efforts to legitimize and legalize prostitution and sex trafficking (as well as an on-the-scene report by Maddy from the trick-turning corners in Los Angeles). Read the essay here. And don’t be surprised by its eventual impact.

In addition to the beloved features found in every issue of NR — “The Week;” ace reviews in Books, Arts & Manners; columns by Rob Long and James Lileks and Ross Douthat and Rick Brookhiser; and much more — we’ll suggest a few additional articles from the new edition that you should peruse: Christopher Caldwell considers the colossal immigration threat to Europe posed by Africa (abetted by progressive EUcrats) — read his essay here. Then there is Michael Brendan Dougherty’s meaty and deep essay on why he is not a (classical) liberal, a must-read (do that here) of an ongoing debate of sorts he has been having with Charlie Cooke. As for one final suggestion, let’s go with John McCormack’s analysis of why Republican governors, especially in blue states, prove to be popular. Read it here.

We’ll use this space to tell you the facts of NRO life: There is a paywall. All magazine articles, and a number of other pieces — each and every one a gem of intelligence — are lodged behind it. Because we are so kindly, we allow folks who are not subscribers to NRPLUS to read four of these pieces every month. That fifth piece . . . not gonna happen. Unless, of course, you become an NRPLUS member, which you really should do, and which you can do, right here.

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