Inside the Issue, May 6, 2019: Pompeo, Constitution on Slavery, Harris in Iowa

Let’s preview the May 6, 2019, issue — hot off the presses, in the mail, and available on (for NRPLUS members) — starting with the cover essay: Teddy Kupfer’s excellent profile of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “as effective an advocate of the administration’s foreign policy as Trump could hope for.” Read it here. Another major essay comes from Allen Guelzo, who makes the case for why the U.S. Constitution, as written, intended slavery’s demise. Read it here. And then there’s a meaty excerpt from Michael Brendan Dougherty’s new book, My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search for Home.

Among the next edition’s shorter (but no less important for your sanity and intellect!) pieces are John McCormack’s from-the-campaign-trail report on Kamala Harris trying to wow the Iowa locals (here), Kevin Williamson’s analysis of apologies good (Felicity Huffman), bad (Lori Loughlin), and ugly (Bubba) — it can be read here — and Peter Tonguette’s look at the pop-culture craze for the 1980s and its “surprising wholesomeness” (here). If you have NRPLUS, it’s all yours to enjoy, right now. If you’re not an NRPLUS member, your access is so very limited (just four reads a month). Fix that by starting your membership right now.

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