Inside the May 20, 2019, Issue

This one is a doozie! We preview the May 20, 2019 issue with this piece of the explains-all introduction from Rich Lowry:

Socialism is back. … If for nothing else, NR exists to stand up for important truths, even when they are embattled or out of favor. It is in that spirit that we publish our next two numbers, a twin special issue making the case for markets (the issue you are reading now) and against socialism (our next issue). If our cause wasn’t nearly as gained as we thought two decades ago, it is incumbent on us to make the argument for it more vigorously than ever. Thanks for reading.

Got that? This concerted editorial effort is a great undertaking, right out of the NR tradition of powerful, issue-specific magazines, and readers are certain to find the content of this two-fer issue to be magnificent. Let’s tempt you with four selections from the first number, “In Defense of Markets.”

The lead essay is by Jonah Goldberg, who says that “freedom” should itself be a goal. Read the essay here. Next up is Marian Tupper’s hosanna to the “Industrial Miracle,” which has made much of the world far less poor and far more rich. And healthier. And literate. You can read it here. Then there is Deirdre Nansen McClosky’s effort (here) to set us straight about, yes, capitalist Sweden (“If ‘socialism’ means government ownership of the means of production, which is the classic definition, Sweden never qualified.”) and Samuel Gregg’s reminder (here) of the lasting consequence of the late Michael Novak’s brilliant work, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism. And there are plenty more pieces, by Ramesh Ponnuru, David Bahnsen, Scott Lincome, and others.

The May 20 issue is hot off the presses, in the mail, and available on, for NRPLUS members. Are you one? If not, become one: Do that here.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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