Parker: Women Want Personalized Healthcare for Their Families; Here’s How We Get There

Elaine Parker of Job Creators Network writes in the Orange County Register that women with families would prefer healthcare reform that preserves the doctor-patient relationship as opposed to a “government for all” approach:

Women know firsthand the current healthcare system is broken.

Obamacare regulations and restrictions have left prices too high and choices too few. Since 2013, health plan premiums for families have jumped by 174 percent. At the same time, half of Americans have access to two or fewer health insurance options; nearly one-in-five only have access to one.

. . .

Obamacare has also driven a wedge between patients and doctors. An army of bureaucrats has filled that void — overloading doctor’s offices with paperwork and government red tape. It’s been reported that doctors spend nearly half their working hours on these administrative tasks — valuable time that’s not spent face-to-face with patients.

Clearly, healthcare reform is necessary. However, policymakers should be cautious not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Attempting to improve the healthcare system via government regulation — as Obamacare attempted — will only make a bad situation worse. There’s no need to relive the nightmare of recent years, or a more extreme version of it.

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