SAIC | Cyber

  • Cybersecurity Services

    Our discover-mitigate-manage approach provides threat and vulnerability profiles, remediation, and managed services via a process-oriented yet modular solution that starts at the beginning or at any point of the cybersecurity life cycle.

  • Next-Generation DNS Services

    Our innovative set of capabilities extends your enterprise’s defensive edge beyond network boundaries and all the way to the root of attacks, providing unparalleled cyber situational awareness that results in resilient and continuous services.

  • Advanced Cyberspace Operations

    The experienced cyber specialists we have provide mission integrity through their deep understanding of adversaries’ motives, techniques, and tactics, developing behavior-based threat detection and rapid security and defense responses.

  • Assurance and Certification

    Protecting the integrity, availability, authenticity, and confidentiality of information is unquestionably critical to mission success. We provide assessment, authorization, and certification services, along with associated vulnerability scanning and management activities, delivering mission assurance and excellent ratings.