There Is a Mob of Terrific Articles in the New Issue of National Review

As ever, we remind you that accessing (not a synonym for reading, but you can’t read what you can’t access) the complete content in this issue is possible and electronically immediate if you have an NRPLUS subscription. If you don’t, and wish to, then join NRPLUS right now. Also as ever, the new issue of National Review (off the presses, in the mail, and on the website) is a mob scene of excellent prose and thought. We recommend you read it cover to cover, but for a sampling of what fare the July 29 edition offers, let’s start with the cover story, by Kevin Williamson, an essay adapted from his forthcoming book: The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics. You’ll find the piece (“A Herd Has No Mind”) here.

The essay is followed in the pages by an essay jointly penned by Ramesh Ponnuru and Rich Lowry on “The Right Liberalism,” which considers the need for a Constitution-affirming response to their contention that “a toxic individualism, and not just an overweening state, threatens the national welfare.” More thoughtful fare comes from Robert VerBruggen, who debunks “Myths of Student-Loan Debt.” In the back, one will find Kyle Smith performing “Happy Warrior” column duties (his subject: the Democrats as “The Party of Crazy”) and Joseph Epstein with a column on “Beehives, Past and Present.” No, it’s not about honey. There is so much else to read and enjoy in this excellent issue – do not deprive yourself of it.

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