Watch: Trump’s Cincinnati Rally Interrupted by Protesters with ‘F*ck Border Patrol’ Sign

President Donald Trump’s Thursday evening campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, was interrupted by several protesters with signs that read “Immigrants Built America” and “Chinga La Migra” — Spanish for “fuck border patrol.”

The protest began as the president spoke about his immigration agenda and building a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. A scuffled occurred between the protesters and a Trump supporter, prompting security to escort the former out of the venue, though their ejection took several minutes.

“Cincinnati, do you have a Democrat mayor?” President Trump quipped jokingly to the raucous crowd about the length of time it took to get the situation under control.

“You must have a Democrat mayor. Do you have a Democrat mayor? Come on, law enforcement. Democrat mayor,” he added. “Well, that’s what happens.”

The city’s mayor is John Cranley, who is a Democrat.

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